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We provide Business Server Support to the most popular brands of server systems. We can help your business if your server has a problem with any of it’s internal components, or if it needs to be upgraded and replaced to a more modern and newer system.

Our team can assist you with finding the best business server to help suit your businesses needs, When issues do arise concerning any server we provide the fastest response time. We provide same day support to alleviate downtime so your business can continue to run optimally.

If your server is lacking in internal components, we will help you to overcome them. Don't worry if the server needs any update or replacement; we will do it for your business.

- Server configurations to fit your organization’s needs

- Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows Server and Linux-based servers

- Management of Active Directory and other directory services

- Support for virtualization technologies (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.)

- 24/7 monitoring and support

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